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One of the greatest things about Maranto's is the amount of different meals that you can choose from. There are over thirty-two different burgers and hamburger meals such as quarter-pounders, steakhouse beef burgers, bacon and cheese, without forgetting the famous Peri Peri, made with grilled chicken breast, cheese and salad, served with either a mild or a hot sauce. Following that, there are over thirty choices when it comes to wraps and wrap meals, including options such as chicken filet, BBQ cheddar, veggie, donner, sweet chili, club house, without forgetting the renowned Maranto special wrap, stuffed with grilled chicken, cheddar cheese, french fries, fresh chillies and mayonnaise or BBQ sauce. There are also seven speciality Peri Peri chicken dishes to choose from, ranging from barbecue wings to a whole grilled bird. As if all of that wasn't already enough, we also offer a wide selection of takeaway pizza, calzones and kebabs. As far as the pizzas are concerned, we have thirty-six different options for you, including everything between meat feasts and completely vegetarian, and if you have some specific idea in mind you'd like to try, you can make your own with toppings of your choice. The same goes for our calzones which also come in a few assortments, including the special one made with tomato, mushroom, ham, salami, sausage, pepperoni and cheese. Our kebabs are also a great speciality of the house, as we serve them with either chicken, lamb, Kofte, doner meat, or any kind of mixture of the four. If you're hungry for more and want some things on the side, we also have a load of extras, sauces, kids' meals, soft drinks and even desserts.
About Maranto's Sheffield menu

Contrary to what some may think, there is never a wrong moment for some juicy chicken wings, a tasty kebab or a nice, filling burger.

Maranto's Sheffield has the goal of offering people a fast and convenient way of getting freshly-cooked and high-quality meals delivered straight to their door in time. All of our food is homemade; you can taste its authenticity as we only use natural ingredients of the highest excellence. We take great pride in offering a genuine fast food experience to our customers and will never settle for inferior cuisine, because you shouldn't either.

We are as committed to our work as anyone can be and guarantee a fast delivery once the order comes through. You can easily get our app or simply place your order directly online. So what are you waiting for? The best food in Sheffield is only a few clicks away from coming straight to your door.



Maranto's Sheffield restaurant
Find us in Sheffield Our restaurant is located on 36C Birley Moor Road, Sheffield S12 4WD